The 2 best problems with being really good at jump rope

Americans have got it right.

Sure they spell words differently and embarrass a lot of British people with their enthusiasm and their direct questions. But really they’ve got it all figured out… especially when it comes to this:


jump rope excercise cartoon

Say what you see


The man is jumping over a rope, so they call it “Jump Rope” – well done, America – that makes sense.

But we Brits, we call it skipping. I recently bought a skipping rope (that term fills me with shame) and that means I now say things like:

Just going outside to do some skipping

And naturally people think of this…


simpsons skipping homer

This is not what I do

But in reality, it’s not a terrible problem to have. It does after all lead to a few fun moments and a nice bit of self deprecation.

The 2nd problem is more devastating. You see if I was ever to get really good – like the best skipper ever (more shame) – I wouldn’t be able to show the world my talents.

Well… not without looking like an idiot.

Because when you get really good at skipping, or jump rope as I will now start calling it, you move the rope really fast. So fast that you can’t really see it anymore.

You learn all sorts of tricks but then you move the rope so quickly that it becomes invisible. And then what you’re actually doing is dancing round like a loon.

If you don’t believe me, check out this video entitled “The best jump rope skills”

This guy was eccentric already but when he started the jump rope stuff, he became dangerously insane. I can’t tell whether he looked more like a rookie rain dancer or a grown man playing power rangers.

I guess it’s lucky I’m not in the jump rope game to win international fame.