The best thing we can all do but often take for granted

I often take my opposable thumbs for granted. This cat, however, is making full use of theirs

I often take my opposable thumbs for granted. This cat, however, is making full use of theirs

Have you ever built something?

Unless you are a builder, you probably thought no.

But what about the IKEA furniture in your bedroom?

Maybe you haven’t got any IKEA furniture because you have enough money, or not enough intrigue, to descend into the mines of IKEA, where sunlight is a distant memory and Swedish books laugh at you.

But what about that lamp you made at school in D&T?

Maybe it was actually your teacher who made the lamp because you persuaded them it would be much better for everyone that way. Nobody wants to see a lamp falling apart.

So I guess you’ve never built anything.

Well you’re wrong! If you’ve put a brick on top of another brick, be it real or Lego, then you’ve built something. In fact, some may say that you’ve created something. And I think that’s important to remember.

The word “creative” is thrown around a lot. It’s seen to be a very positive thing. People either are or aren’t creative. If I was particularly creative I would write that on my CV because people like to see it.

Often “being creative” means being able to draw a pretty picture, write a song, create a sculpture; and, because of these connotations, I think we begin to miss out on a lot of the amazingness of creating. What you create doesn’t need to be beautiful or literature, the point is that you created something, and you should be proud of that.

I think it’s brilliant to think that I’ve created something new today just by writing this blog post. These words and characters have never been in this order before. I’m sure they’ve come close but it’s unlikely I’ve unknowingly quoted someone word for word.

I believe that many stumble at the first hurdle because they are adamant they aren’t creative and so they don’t even try.

But you create all the time. You were born to create. Remember that.

You can make a table from planks of wood. You don’t need to buy one ready-made. Then, after many days of slaving, you can stand back and see what your hands have created.

Finally, creation doesn’t always look professional. I write things on this blog which often don’t make sense (this article for one), but I can look back on it with pride because I did that.

I made that.

I created that.

You could too.