The best “vision casting” experience


The karate kid knows our vision

Sometimes when you’re part of a big organisation, you might be subjected to vision casting. This is where the leader of said organisation gets motivational. They remind you of the core values and show you the way forward. They give some long term targets that should be easy to remember.

If they do it well, everyone gets excited. They work harder and do better.

The problem is that this process can all seem a bit forced and predictable. Maybe people lose faith in the vision or maybe all the clichés make them vomit. Either way there can be some negative reactions to a vision casting session.

But the only thing worse than a vision casting, motivational talk, is not having any vision – no plan, no motivation. That’s a one way ticket to bottom-village (a village full of bottoms).

So here on Steve and Jon’s Best Things, we want to get involved – we don’t want to be lost little sheep wondering around in the bright city of New York (+5 metaphor points for me)

And instead of avoiding the clichés, like a desperate hipster, we’re going to embrace them. And we’re all going to get excited about best things. Because that’s what this blog is about.

How, you ask?

Well it’s simple… this song represents everything we’re about. So play it now and you’ll know our vision. It’s been on repeat in my headphones while I’ve been writing this post. So it only makes sense that you listen to it as well.

Our posts are basically us singing this song to different objects, theories, animals, people… whatever. Earlier today Steve was metaphorically singing this song to a clumsy baby bunny. Now I’m singing this song to the whole vision casting experience.

Because that’s what we do as a blog. We sing this classic 80s anthem at things we see.

And we want you to sing with us. That’s the long term target – a whole army of best thing finders.

So put the song on repeat, click on our write for us page, and tell us about a best thing.

Don’t keep you ideas to yourself – especially after all this effort I put into vision-casting you!

I need to stop writing now because I need to stop listening to that song on repeat. I’m too motivated, you see.

I think I’m about to do a back-flip…



he hasn't noticed

This guy knows our vision – he’s wearing best thing goggles