The best animal transport


If the world was quite different and instead of buses and cars we had the option to turn into any animal so that we could get around easier, what would you pick?

You only get one choice because this imaginary world doesn’t encourage greed.

Would you stomp around as an elephant? Would you fly like an eagle or most other birds? Maybe you just like the slow waddle of a penguin – you could then surprise everyone by being an expert swimmer.

Of course after your transport needs are met you would turn back into a person. 

Maybe some of you are thinking about being a cheetah. That would be the best option if you regularly travel less than 200 metres but you need to do it quickly. Cheetahs are terrible distance runners. Humans are better over a distance actually – I don’t have the research brain to back that guess up with actual facts – but I did read it somewhere.

What else could you be?

A bear? Just because bears are excellent really… you could maybe catch some fish on the way.

Or a mighty stag – it would be worth it just for the prestige I think – and those antlers of course. Careful of hunters though.

I actually think you’re all overlooking something… Something very important.

The best animal to become, for transportation needs, is a hedgehog.

Sure they may be small, slow and heavy-breathing but they come with a very important feature – one that everyone would like to have.

They come with their very own in-built duvet…


And that’s all I really need when I’m travelling. 

No more scratchy blankets for me.

Did you pick something better?