The best headphones I’ve ever owned

Jon and I like to do things alternately. I write a blog one day, Jon writes a blog one day. Jon likes to go to the Lake District one week, I then like to go the next week. So, similar to Jon last week, my blog posts this week are likely to be short as there are hills to climb, lakes to skim stones on and sheep to engage in staring contests.

I was also having a ponder about what to write and I couldn’t think of anything exciting. Given that excitement tends to be what people look for the most from this blog I’m sorry I may not deliver today.

In fact, today may be one of those days where you actually get a recommendation of a real best thing.

Anyway, as I was sitting pondering about the little exciting things I could think of, I put on a bit of Sigur Ros in my headphones. I realised at that point, how much I truly love my headphones. Or earphones if you’re feeling pedantic. Or in-earphones if you’re feeling like a purist.

They are the Soundmagic E10s and are frankly amazing. The sound quality is brilliant. The bass sounds bass-y. You can make out individual instruments and sounds rather than it being a mass of noise. The bits and pieces producers, sound engineers etc. agonise over suddenly make the song so much more than it was.


And, most importantly, because they are in-ear they fully immerse you in the sound, all else drowns out.

Anyone who owns Beats or anything similar will rave about their headphones in a similar way because they really are a great bit of kit. However, where a pair of low end Beats will set you back around £90, the Soundmagic E10s only cost £27 from Amazon.

Essentially, they are an absolute bargain!

I’m sure true audiophiles will tell you I’m wrong and they’ll say you need to pay upwards of that price to anything of decent quality, but all you get extra is a negligible difference in sound quality and a designer label.

If you’re someone who just loves listening to music then I would highly recommend the E10s, they are great and cheap – you’ll never want to go back to those iPod headphones which fall out.

I hope that convinced you! If I get a chance, I’ll force them on you. That’s what I did with my brother and he seems to be pretty happy with the results…