The best defunct thing about cereal

Baking powder submarine

This is a baking powder submarine and floats underwater – how cool is that?!!

I remember the days when my mum would buy a box of cereal with toys in. Those were great days.

Me and my brother were always told that we had to wait for the toy to come out of its own accord, then it would be fair. But we were kids and that didn’t feel fair.

Fairness was getting the toy. If my brother got the toy then that was unfair because I wanted the toy. The fact he may have wanted the toy never really crossed my mind.

We quickly fell into sneaky tactics: increasing our portion sizes, giving the box an extra good shake or shaking the box so the toy rises to the top and then pouring it out into our bowls.

Finally, we just gave up and went for a rummage if the tiniest bit of toy was showing. It meant our cereal was compromised with germs, but we didn’t care, we had got a toy!

Unfortunately, someone thought it would be a great idea to stop putting toys in cereals. This is sad.

We currently have a generation of children growing up who will never know the joy of watching the plastic packet fall into your bowl of Coco Pops. All they will know is those stupid plastic, propaganda bowls they keep trying to give out and the idea of saving up coupons for prizes.

Cereal bowl

I’ve already got one of you. I don’t need another one. Why would I be buying cereal if I needed a bowl?!

Both of which are ridiculous. They’re not immediate and that’s frustrating

I don’t think it’s clear why cereal companies stopped this. Maybe they traded off the supposed gained revenue vs. the cost of manufacturing all those dinky little toys. Maybe it was a health and safety, choking hazard and PR nightmare all rolled into one (incidentally, check out this website which is written by bitter H&S officers – you can feel the rage coming off the page).

Whatever the reason, they are now gone and that is disappointing.

Apparently they do pop up now and again for big promotional things, e.g. Batman toy, but gone are the days where you choose your cereal by the toy it contains.

Batman toy

These look amazing. I really want one.

So I would hold on to any cereal toys you currently own. If not to play with then just to gain in value. Who knows, in 30 years someone going through a mid-life crisis may pay top dollar for your Star Wars figurine you got for free. It’ll give them the hit of nostalgia they really needed!

You probably opened the plastic packet though. Shame. Otherwise they would be in mint condition.