The best house mystery

Throughout my adult  life I’ve lived in many rented houses.
Because rented houses aren’t mine, I have very little choice as to what to do with them. This inevitably means that they will have their quirks.
For instance: in my university second year house it was a mould fest, we had a basement and my bedroom housed a boiler whose water pipe liked to detach itself sometimes.
My third year house was odder with its peculiar, yet endearing, door above a door.
Currently, my house has a lovely two-tone stairwell which someone honourably tried to paint – a bit half heartedly though…
photo (19)
But one thing which is consistent with nearly every house I’ve lived in, is that they all had a mystery switch.
What the mystery switch switches no-one knows! But everybody has one. There was even a Friends episode about it.
I have spent hours of my life flicking the wrong switch in a bid to turn on my living room lights. It’s frustrating.
Perhaps one day I’ll learn what it does but it stumps me for the time being.
One story which I take encouragement from  is this:
photo (20)
This chord hangs down from the house’s ceiling with no obvious use. One day my housemate and I were pulling this chord to try and work out what it did.
After a couple of minutes of frantic switching on and off we gave up and left it. Later that evening I looked at our garden and noticed, for the very first time, that we had garden lights.
The cogs turned and it all became clear what the puzzling string did. It was a satisfying end to our conundrum. One of those ends which made you feel like everything would be ok.
That the world was no longer quite so confusing.
So there you go, mystery switches, another of those best things which really has no bearing on your life. Welcome to the true essence of this blog