The best work hyperlink hilarity

The office is a funny place. There are few other situations where you get a group of adults with few common interests to sit down together all day and do something they probably don’t enjoy.

But the monotony and restlessness of staring at a computer all day breeds craziness in some people and they start to do rash things:

Office prank

I love how long this definitely took – a great use of time

These things are, coincidentally, also pretty hilarious:

Air horn

Just think about it…

So I’m going to tell you about a way to add a bit of fun to your workday with my inspiration coming from the 80s pop sensation Rick Astley.

As most of you will be aware there was a thing called Rickrolling back in the day, when the internet was something very rare on phones. If you are a 7 year old reading this, then you are as old as the very first meme.

You should feel of sense of pride and everyone else should feel a sense of sadness whilst the truth of that statement dawns on them and they realise how old they really are.

But how does this relate to work?

At work I send people hyperlinks all the time. It might be my timesheet, it might be linking to some work I’ve done or it might even be a fun link, but I send them often.

And so I really want to start Rickrolling my boss. But not with a Rickroll, with something less annoying, something like grumpy cat:

Grumpy cat 2

The best thing is that offices destroy humour so this will brighten their day. Or they’ll ask why you have such an affinity to cats and it’ll be weird forever. Who knows.

If you also really want to disguise it, you can write in an address to something serious and then hyperlink to something completely different.

For example:

Did you follow it? A bit of a blast from the past.

Or, for an extra bit of humour, you can send them a hyperlink to something they really need to see (e.g. timesheet) but label it like this:

If you click this link then you smell like cheese and you are physically attracted to the Gerenuk

It’s childish but also hilarious.

So have fun with hyperlinks. They really are blessings in disguise…

And we go from Rick to Rick (you’d get it if you clicked the links)