The best thing to do when you’re immune to awkwardness


I’m allergic to awkwardness. Put me within a difficult conversation – maybe someone who I have no shared interests with or someone that doesn’t get my sense of humour – and it will be awkward.

Not only that but I seem to have the power to take one of these situations and multiply the awkward by a factor of ten. I do this with a combination of terrible conversation topics, looking at the time a lot and asking when someone I know will return.

But some people aren’t like me. They don’t suffer from awkwardness and they never seem to be caught off guard. The big boss in my old job used to say he had the fear of man surgically removed from him. What he meant was that he had no problem asking people difficult questions or doing things that appear a bit odd. He loved fundraising because he was never afraid to ask for money – really directly… He also danced really well to the YMCA.

But that’s not the best thing to do when you’re immune to awkwardness.

When you’ve got that specialist type of bravery you should do this and only this…

I can’t even handle regular phone calls, let alone what this guy does. Amazing!

If you’re in a no-video zone right now, email yourself a link for later. It’s totally worth it.