The best Oxford-Cambridge rivalry

Like most people, I enjoy reading Buzzfeed, and when I say enjoy, I actually mean feel a sense of shame that I’ve just spent 2 hours looking at lists about nothing.

The other day I was perusing its treasures and I came across an article which caught my attention and I loved. So this post is basically a run down of something I saw on Buzzfeed and if you would like to see the real (better) article then please click here. If you’re happy with me explaining about an event that I’ve never been to then just keep reading!

Last weekend the Thames was descended on by two of the oldest Universities in the world, who, rather than beating each other with words and intellect, preferred to sit in a boat and row. It was The Boat Race.


You can tell who the real men are here – they don’t need any of those wimpy sunglasses or hats

The Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race to be specific but we all know The Boat Race transcends naming the competitors because who else could it be. As a quick aside, I wonder if Cambridge was ever bitter that Oxford is always said first…

It’s quite an exciting event as the rowing boats for these two Universities are insanely good.

But not exciting enough!

Take a trip North of the Thames and you’ll come across an area where it’s cool to do Lomography and listen to vinyls – the place where this guy lives – Shoreditch. Then go East a little bit and you end up in Spitalfields (not sure if Spitalfields is in Shoreditch but who cares really?!).

And in Spitalfields is a farm. And on this farm, on the same day as The Boat Race, they have The Goat Race. And it’s brilliant.

Goat race

There are 3 competitors: Oxford, Cambridge and And, because we wouldn’t want connectives to be missed out. The third goat also adds to the tension.

I just love the idea and I really wish I was there. Next year, if I remember, I will try and make every effort to get to Spitalfields City Farm and place some money on And.

From the impression I got, it was a close run race this year:

Oxford and Cambridge took the early lead. The end was in sight. All eyes were on the two at the front. And had been forgotten.

But a pitter patter of trotters could be heard. Then a rumble. Then a roar. And was coming round the bend. And was racing its heart out. And WON!

The winner and

The illustrious winner!


This is a picture of a goat which convinced me this was a great idea:

This is a real rivalry. Oxford, Cambridge and And. It will last a long time. After all: goats never forget…