The best way to stop speeding

I was walking with my friend Eliot through Tower Hamlets the other week and we came across this road-sign:

photo (16)

I love it.

I love how direct it is, I love how specific it is, I love how it probably works.

It made me think of all the times I’ve sped and all the children I could have killed. Granted, it’s very unlikely to see a child playing with a ball by the side of the M1, but it still hit home.

Another sign I like for cutting speed is this lovely Scottish one:

Twenty's plenty

It’s more of a warning rather than a command. It’s letting you know that ‘woah, my friend, twenty’s plenty!’ You want to slow down because of the kind, rhyming manner that the sign is phrased in.

Also it’s green. That’s pretty cool.

Finally, nothing to do with speeding, but another road sign I like is one which has started appearing on motorways which says:

“Bin your litter, other people do”

It correctly applies all the principles of peer pressure. Now I know that Dave down the road bins his rubbish, I probably should too, otherwise I’ll look like a right numpty.

So those are some street-signs for you.

I hope you enjoyed them.

I hope it didn’t bore you more than the work you’re meant to be doing whilst you’re bemoaning the conclusion of your weekend.

At least I liked them.