The best April fools trick of all time


A google image search for April fools takes you to terrifying places

It’s April the first and I guess that means I should be making up stuff. Maybe I should tell you that Scotland’s national animal is the unicorn or that Mary Berry likes clubbing in Ibiza supplemented with Breaking Bad binges.

I guess some people might even get on photoshop and try to convince you that something like this is really out there, waiting for you to discover it…


Extend the neck, shrink the head and suddenly you’re looking at a very weird creature indeed

The truth is I’m not sure why we celebrate lying to people every year. It certainly gives me a few trust issues.

But then again I also think it’s a great chance for companies with loads of money and resources to do something pretty funny.

I also like it when people get other people to lick their Ipads.

Let me give you one fool each from the BBC and Google because I think they’re the best at it.

Here’s the BBC’s flying penguins clip which is just fantastic…

And google has done a pretty good job today – I have to say. I think it’s my favourite of all time. This Pokemon challenge looks like so much fun – and to an extent it is real.

But I highly doubt you’ll get a job at Google because of it. Especially not one with the grand title of Pokemon Master!

I feel like as I get older it’s less likely I’ll be fooled by one of these pranks. Though maybe saying that has made me a target. I don’t want to be a target.

Perhaps the only way to stay safe is to be the pranker – the maker of fools.

But I’m terrible at photoshop and I don’t work for a large company.

I’m also a very reluctant liar – not for moral reasons really, but just because I don’t like amateur dramatics. And that’s what a lot of pranks feel like.

Hey guys, you know what would be funny? When they come in let’s wait five minutes then I’ll pretend that we’re going to have a group meditation time. We’ll all start chanting and swaying and stuff and we’ll see if they join in.

I find that stuff so awkward. It makes me question who is the fool in this scenario. I think the answer is everyone.

I’m not really cut out for all this prankery to be honest.

But in the spirit of the day, I have done my best to mislead you.

Did you notice?

Those things I said at the beginning, they were all true.

Scotland’s national animal is the unicorn. Mary Berry likes Ibizan clubs and breaking bad. And that thing wasn’t photoshopped. It’s called a Gerenuk and it genuinely looks like that. Sometimes the truth is as stupid as the lies.

Who needs April Fools day when you’ve got April Trues day?

On second thoughts that is a terrible pun… Let’s keep things how they are.