The best Picasso prediction

Art is a fickle business. What constitutes ‘good’ art for one person may be an abomination for another. Modern art, in particular, has often been called ‘stupid’, ‘pointless’ and ‘something a 10 year old could do’ by me and my sceptical friends in our younger years.

I’ve tried to tone down the criticism after going to art gallery after art gallery of ‘old masters’ and Renaissance paintings which all look very similar. I’m starting to understand why a big block of colour is actually art. It’s not easy though.

Abstract Painting No. 5 1962 by Ad Reinhardt 1913-1967

Ad Reinhardt shows us what it truly means to be abstract

Fashion is also tricky – people have different styles and different tastes. For instance, I’m a big fan of trainers and high-tops, but most people at my work want to burn them with all the other practical items of clothing. Trousers with lots of pockets, warm fleeces and Merrells would all be on the bonfire – an engineering undergraduate’s worst nightmare.

And when art and fashion come together, you know you’ve produced something which will definitely be outdated in 25 years time. People will look at the painting and think “what funny clothes they wore!”, and they will look at the art and think “how quaint of them to have used canvas. I guess they didn’t have the iPaintProPad.”

But not if you’re Picasso.

Picasso is famous and he’s likely to remain famous. He’s a nice mixture of “well that’s a weird picture of some naked women”, to “flip! Guernica is a massive painting. Good perseverance there!”, through to “woah! This guy can paint!”


This is way more impressive in real life – it’s the size of a really big wall!

Not only was he a man of many painting talents, but he also knew how to encapsulate the fashions of the day.

And not only could he encapsulate the fashions of the day but he managed to correctly predict the style of hipsters in 2014 as the below painting shows:

Hipster picasso

“I went to this vintage clothing store last weekend in Shoreditch – you’ve probably never heard of it – it smelt of old person and we ate dust as we went round. I loved it. I wouldn’t go again though. Too mainstream.” ~ You know who you are

He was a very talented man.

A big thanks for this goes to my friend Eliot who found this painting in Barcelona and sent me the picture. He basically did all the legwork here and then I wrote a wordy blog post about it. He’s a very good finder of best things.

He once brought to my attention that being in the orange capsule on the London Eye is a very exciting thing, a best thing perhaps. It’s very unlikely and we were very lucky. I was reminded of that several times throughout the day.

Orange capsule

There is a 1 in 32 chance of getting in this capsule. And it looks like a giant Haliborange. Brilliant

I had to pose for a photo by the orange capsule to document our luck. It was magical.

That’s all for today. I hope you like hipster Picasso paintings and always keep your eye open for best things – you never know in what medium they’ll hit you.

If they do collide into you then why don’t you write a blog post about it and send it into us. Sure you could start up a rival site and quickly get more followers but we’d prefer to take the glory from your hard work.

On another note: enjoy the extra hour of light you now have – coming home from work doesn’t seem so bad any more…