The best place to put a postbox

sheep and postbox

There are plenty of good places to put a postbox. I like the option above – you can go see the sheep, paddle in the sea and then post a letter. That’s a great day out. But I want better than that – I want the best post box in the world.

And coming in at a close second in this weird contest is this:

post box volcano

It doesn’t look like much but then again it does say volcano post on it

Yeah, this one is actually set up on the side of an active volcano – right where the lava flows. Every so often they have to move it further away to avoid it melting.

Who knows why the tourist board of Vanuata decided that was a good idea? I guess it’s better than your average posting-a-letter experience.

Another interesting place to put a mail box is here:

classic Japan...

This one is fully functional, a little bit stupid and it’s in Japan of course. There’s even an underwhelming news article written about it.

I don’t know how people send such waterproof mail… leaking surely has to be an issue.

I guess the Vanuata tourist board didn’t want to be outdone in the post box war… because they’ve got an under water mailbox as well.

But they’ve also gone one better…


best diving job ever

An underwater post office – it’s not what I need but it is what I want.

This is truly mind blowing. Apparently you can swim from the beach – about 50 metres – until you get to this floating marker. At that point you dive down 3 metres and hand your postcard to the underwater postman.

That’s what tourism should be all about – stupid ideas that just might work.

In fact, this idea is incredible – I would totally want to post a card. Though i haven’t swum 50 metres in a while. I might not have the strength to make the return journey so my postcard would have to be a final goodbye sort of thing.

Unless the kindly postman/diver helps me back to shore. Does anyone know what the underwater sign language for “I’m drowning” is? That might be useful one day.

Because I need to go to this place. It’s a gimmick for sure, but it’s also a once in a life time experience! Just look at it… it’s so clearly a best thing.


underwater post office

Can you spot the creepy 3rd diver trying to join in the fun?