The best type of coffee


This is a frankly amazing piece of coffee art – I just don’t know how you would even begin to do that…

Most people in the world are addicted to coffee. More specifically they are addicted to caffeine and are plagued with withdrawal symptoms such as headaches even after a morning of missing their favourite roasted beans. Perhaps that’s why a multitude of coffee shops can justify the serious mark-up on their products, because we need them so much.

By the time you reach your mid-twenties most of your peers drink coffee to enjoy it, not just to look cool and grown-up, and they start raving about the way their coffee is brewed – is it with a cafetiere or one of those fancy machines, it makes a big difference.

Recently I was round at my friends’ house and they both stated that they had no coffee in. After some probing it turned out that ‘no coffee’ still meant they had instant coffee, it just wasn’t deemed good enough to count as real.

Asking someone if they want to grab a coffee is common parlance and an hour long coffee trip whilst out and about with friends is a necessity. We’re all drinking coffee, we’re all loving it and we’re all becoming connoisseurs of this dark liquid.

Apart from me.

I made headway on the taste aspect when I was young, growing slightly accustomed to its bitterness around 9 years old but I never particularly enjoyed it.

Despite my early start, throughout the rest of my life I never felt a real need to drink it and I found that it actually made me feel a little tired when I did.

Obviously this confused a lot of people given that coffee should do the opposite. But I think I just got a serious case of the jitters from the caffeine very quickly – feeling the same level of paranoia and nervousness as others would feel after their 5th cup, but just after one. This put me off.

I successfully navigated university and the beginnings of my adult life without the need for this fix, in fact, I don’t really need it at the moment, I’ve gotten used to feeling tired when I’m tired. I don’t need to drink something to combat that.

But it got to the stage where it became embarrassing to go out with my friends who all bought some fancy coffee and I would buy a hot chocolate or a smoothie. I don’t think my friends ever said anything, they never appeared embarrassed by me, but I felt like a child – one who didn’t understand the ways of this world.

So I’ve started a revolt against myself. I’m weaning myself onto coffee.

Sometimes I have a coffee and it’s quite nice and other times I have a coffee and I feel like I need a lie down straight away – it just knocks me out. But this is the challenge, to become more like everyone else.

After a few weeks of having a cup a day, I’m starting to understand its appeal. I had a coffee a few weeks ago and it felt my brain had come alive after years of dormancy.

Going back to the title of this entry, the best type of coffee, for me, it’s none – but I’m getting there guys, have patience. One day I’ll become addicted. One day I’ll need that boost as soon as I wake up. One day the only thing I’ll think about before 8am is my coffee from my ridiculously expensive coffee maker. One day.

I can only hope…