The best road to nowhere


I loved Crash Bandicoot as a kid and then as a teenager and then they stopped making it really. It was the best sort of game – one that required speed, skill and accuracy in a delightful cocktail of talent. Or maybe it was a mocktail because it was all pretty family friendly.

The most difficult level was called “Road to nowhere” and it was amazing. It was set on a flimsy bridge in the clouds and you had to jump along it as the planks fell away and danger surrounded you. It was fun to play but even more fun to think about.

Like what’s the point in a road that doesn’t go anywhere? And why is this bandicoot so fun-loving and good at jumping? More importantly what is a bandicoot? (I now know it’s like a kangaroo/mouse hybrid)

I guess it got me thinking that I quite like roads that don’t go anywhere. They place all the emphasis on the journey – because there is no destination. And lots of motivational photos tell me that life is about the journey not the destination. So I guess this one level of Crash Bandicoot teaches you to enjoy life.

That probably wasn’t deliberate though.

Anyway, the reason I’m thinking this is because this temporary path sprung up near where I work:


This is the best temporary path I’ve ever seen

I took a picture because even though I walk by this route everyday, I now had no idea where this trail went. The end of the path was out of site. It looked like too much fun to pass up so I followed. At one point I almost turned back out of fear that I was trespassing. But eventually it lead me back to the boring old road.

It was good fun though – the sort of minor adventure that you don’t always expect from a 30 minute lunch break.

But that wasn’t the best road to nowhere… Not by a long way. Dmitri Lezine found the best road to nowhere and took a picture of it. Truth be told, it’s not even a road:


What we’re looking at here is a pier that neither starts nor ends at the shore. It’s beautiful in it’s uselessness. It’s the best example of a road to nowhere because in many ways it’s a complete let down. But then it’s also amazing and fun. Walking along that pier would be a journey worth making – even if it would take you precisely nowhere.

We should all take more of these types of journeys.

Thanks to Places Unknown for posting such a cool picture. We love it and it’s definitely a best thing.