The best maths video

I recently went on a semi-impromptu trip to York and got to see my parents and brother. It was nice.

Whenever my brother, dad and I are together it quickly devolves into geeky maths chat, we can’t really help it, and it got me thinking about a video I saw on Youtube before Youtube was a ‘big deal’ – back when Charlie only had around 100 million views, he was relatively unknown back then.

As is the case when someone mentions a Youtube video, it is necessary to watch it, it’s basically a crime not to. So we all decamped to my parents new fancy smart TV and watched ‘e and pi go on a date’. It’s brilliant.

My mum also requested a short blog entry. Well this one’s only 136, 137, 138 words long. Hopefully that’s OK!

Happy double double Friday!