The best twitter poet is a robot


Do you know about iambs? You’ve probably heard the term iambic pentameter and what that really means is five iambs in a row… it’s a poetry thing.

An iamb is a pairing of two syllables where the stress is on the second syllable (like when you say instead – the stead bit is stressed). If you put five of these pairings in a row you’re writing in iambic pentameter. Something like:

horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse!
(Shakespeare, Richard III)

If you’re not sure still, this guy raps about it pretty well.

It’s important that you know this stuff because the best twitter poet is a robot called Pentametron.

He uses algorithms and fancy computer stuff to find tweets that were (accidentally) written in iambic pentameter. Pentametron then retweets them in rhyming couplets – to create a really long but slightly profound poem.

Of course there is a person behind Pentametron, but it’s still interesting that algorithms and random tweets can make pretty good poetry. Better than a lot of the twitter poems that are out there…

I’ve compiled a bunch of my favourites – three top quality poems from the best poet on twitter.

The first one I like to call…

School days

poem 2 school days



Not convinced? How about this one…


poem 1



If they didn’t peak your interest. Then surely you have to be amazed by this one…

They call me Turd Ferguson

poem 3 they call me Turd Ferguson

Incredible right? That last one is probably the best rhyming couplet in the world.

This truly is poetry for the modern era. We’re really impressed and we’ve just followed @pentametron. You should check it out for yourself as well.

All that’s left to say is thanks to my brother in law, Tom, for sending this my way. It’s definitely a best thing – it’s almost the archetype of a best thing.

Me and Pentametron are going to be twitter friends for a long time!