The best way to start a fun argument


They’re actually practising for an opera, it’s all in the hands…

In life there are a variety of arguments you can have. There are serious arguments where you talk about serious things, there are arguments which are actually a “who can shout the loudest” contest, or there are fun arguments where the outcome is irrelevant.

As a person who doesn’t like conflict, I tend to err on the side of fun arguments. I’ll avoid serious arguments because it could mean that the other person starts to dislike me, which I wouldn’t be a fan of, or that we actually come to a sensible conclusion, also not a fan of.

So I have these fun arguments about things which matter very little. A classic example is music: I know no two people are alike when it comes to music tastes but I still deride others for liking One Direction or any other talent show winner. We have a bit of a disagreement but, at the end of the day, they know I’m in the right and we both leave smiling.

These are fun arguments.

Obviously, creating a fun argument isn’t always as easy as discussing music – you may find you both share a passion for Pure Shores by All Saints and the rest of the conversation needn’t happen, you’ve suddenly understood one another on a deep and meaningful level. Thus, you must be able to steer conversation towards fun arguments.

The latest way I’ve found of doing this is asking someone to impersonate the default iPhone Marimba ring tone which they will 100% get wrong. Most people will have an idea of what it sounds like without needing to hear it, others will need you to refresh their memory, however it really doesn’t matter – they’ll still get it wrong.

For some reason the impressions are like snowflakes, no two are alike and none sound like the original. Perhaps this highlights the true depth of the iPhone Marimba ringtone, that it has too many layers to do a satisfactory impersonation. It treads the fine line between being recognisable yet complex.

 In contrast to this, the Samsung default Whistle message tone is probably the easiest tone to imitate. It’s so catchy that wherever you are when you hear it – be it on a train, be it walking in the street, be it at work – someone will always imitate it. It’s as if humanity has been programmed to do call and response.

Now that you are aware of this iPhone Marimba phenomenon it’s important that you play the game with your friends. And, if you were wondering, the ringtone actually sounds like:

de-de-Dunka de-dunka de-dunka da

I should know, I’ve perfected it…