The best pizza place in Bradford… and actually the world


Don’t be sad… your pizza is the best

It feels good to give you an actual recommendation again – to point you towards something excellent. I’ve spent too long being a terrible life coach or making fun of stuff. But today’s best thing is phenomenal and it’s a heartfelt endorsement.

This pizza place is amazing and it’s the best in Bradford. But it’s also the best in the world – for one very special reason.

Let’s start with the good stuff and finish with the mind blowing, world beating truth.

It’s called Pizza Pieces which is an excellent and very accurate name. And like a whole lot of other best things, it doesn’t look like much from the outside…


So unimpressive that it’s been shown up by a blue bin… stupid fancy blue bin

But once you get inside you know you’re in a special place. It’s set in a sort of art-deco basement and there’s loads of space. You can walk in with any size group and rearrange the furniture to fit. It sells glass bottles of coke and various other drinks. And we all know that glass is the absolute best way to carry and consume liquid.

And you can buy pizza, or you can buy pizza and chips. What more would you need? You get a choice of 3 or 4 pizzas but the pepperoni is the King. You never spend more than £5.50 unless you’re a crazy lunatic who needs two portions of something…

It even has good mouth feel which is important apparently.

Pizza Pieces is the best food place in Bradford. It was one of the only good things about the town centre when I was there. And being surrounded by some pretty underwhelming stuff makes it all the better.

I miss two things about living there but I forget what the second is because Pizza Pieces was so good.

(that was an attempt to insult my Bradford friends… I’m not sure it worked)

But I haven’t explained why it’s the best pizza place in the world…

You remember this photo? I started with it but didn’t really explain.


Well that lady on the right runs the place with her husband. And do you know what her name is? Are you ready for it?

That is one Margherita Barbiero! Yeah she’s named after a pizza. Or maybe Pizzas are named after her. That’s how good she is.

I’ve been served pizza by Margherita and it was the world’s best pizza experience. If you’re ever in Bradford… do not miss that!

This is the one source that confirms her name if you’re interested or don’t believe me. It also suggests that Pizza Pieces has had some trouble getting business.

But a trip advisor review from January 2014 reassures me that this place still exists. That is the best news!

Did you know that Margherita is the Italian for Daisy? I don’t normally like facts.