The best Monday music mania


They chose to sit on a boat to confuse the bicycle enthusiasts…

Currently I am obsessing over a song by Bombay Bicycle Club called Luna.

It is amazing and makes me think exciting things are about to happen in my life, particularly when they sing “Ah-hoooooooo”. They’ve moulded that crescendo perfectly.

There’s a delightful interplay of male and female voices which I’m a massive fan of at the moment. Most songs are made better when a man and woman harmonise with one another – it adds a certain depth.

I’ve spent the past two days listening to this song on repeat whenever I could, even using up some of my precious phone data to watch the Youtube video whilst on the move. By the time it took me to write those first few paragraphs I’ve nearly listened to the song twice to get me psyched.

It’s a move on from previous BBC (not THE BBC) which I thought were OK but just one band amongst many to come out at a similar time. Forgive me for any comparisons to The View (the blokes that have had the same jeans on for four days now…) in the past, I just didn’t listen closely enough.

I’ve got it on good authority that the entire new album is decent as well, but currently I’m happy to be stuck with this one song.

If you get bored of the full band, using electronic enhancements version, then you can happily listen to an acoustic version they performed for the Radio 1 Live Lounge. It’s only flaw is not lasting as long as the original.

Also, the drummer plays the glockenspiel like an absolute boss, using four sticks, two in each hand. I’m sure that’s a fairly standard glock trick, but I’m impressed. I couldn’t do that.

If you also get bored of that version then you can just sit patiently outside my house and wait for me to play it on the guitar and caterwaul it to the whole neighbourhood. Many have said that it’s difficult to truly understand the depth of a song until you’ve heard Steve murder it.

On another, but slightly related, note – XO by Beyonce is really good. I like the drum beat, I like how it’s understated at the beginning, I like the ‘chorus’ of people that echo Beyonce in the chorus, I like the distorted ‘woo’ in the second verse onwards. It’s great.