I’m surrounded by best things… help me


I know this is technically Morpheus but it could just as easily be me or Steve

When you’ve been a writer at Best Things for many months you start to see the world differently. Everything goes all green and codey like in the Matrix and you start to find interesting stuff that before you might have missed. Best things appear all over the place.

And that’s what I’m struggling with today – even double post Friday is not big enough to contain the amount of things I’ve found that are definitely the best.

Now typically, posts with multiple best things don’t go down so well. They don’t fill you with as much joy. But I’ve seen so much this week that I simply have to share. Otherwise I might drown in joy – which sounds both beautiful and terrible.

Let me just vomit them at you (I said ‘let me’ so now you have to let me…)

Like how about this dog and the facial expressions it pulls off…


Seriously – life doesn’t get much better than this dog. It would be worth signing up to wordpress and liking this post just because this dog is crazy. I could watch it all day.

Or this captain of a ship who had a really great idea for a photo opportunity…


I mean that is a fantastic photo – what a hero. If I saw this photo before an ocean journey I would have absolutely zero fear about the person driving the boat. He just knows all their is to know about most things – I think that’s clear from the picture.

And check out this beautiful piece of stupidity that I found over on Failblog:


This is impressive stupidity

To be fair though there are some striking similarities….


Which one is which here? …Anyone?

Are you feeling swamped by best things yet? This double cow-pun headline might just push you over the edge…


And you can read the full article if you love cow news from america.

And the best news of all is saved for those of you who staple sheets of paper together and think:

Wow look at all this metal, I wish I could staple stuff together without using staples.

Well if that’s you, you clearly need the stapleless stapler – yeah that exists now…


You probably need some more information about it, right? Well click away.

But there is one question that remains…

With all these best things around, why haven’t you wrote a post for us yet? You can write about whatever you want – we just want you to share all that good stuff you know about.

We’ve really enjoyed our guest contributions and there’s another coming your way soon. But we don’t want it to stop there. Write bigger, write better. We really do want to hear from you – whoever you are.

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