The best way to tweet when you’ve run out of tweets


I wish twitter used actual birds to deliver messages

It’s possible, in life, to run out of words. Sometimes there is just nothing interesting to say. This is normally not a problem – you probably just need a good sleep.

But sometimes on twitter I can go a week or so without saying anything. At that point I start to feel pressure. I start to think that maybe my 25 followers will stop following me.

I can hunt around for a stupid photograph maybe, like this origami pigeon I made:


I tweeted this to the world and they loved it… I think.

But what if there are no pictures? You’re stood over your phone with no thoughts, no words and no photos. But you don’t want to let your followers down – they might think you don’t appreciate them.

Well you need this thing:

You put in your twitter name and they randomize all the words from your previous tweets to come up with something new.

Here’s what it gave me:


I think that’s better than my normal tweets. Sure it doesn’t make sense but it is at least interesting. Better than me just admitting that I don’t know what to tweet. Which is what some people do:


You don’t want to be like these people


And this website also has great suggestions for what Best Things could tweet about. Do you recognise any of these post titles?


You might think that the underpants thing was a happy coincidence but that genuinely was the title of a real post from a while back.

And maybe the best thing about this handy little tool is that you can make it imitate celebrities or people you know.

Obama’s tweet predictions are pretty spot on:


He’s always talking about healthcare and stuff

And Hugh Laurie’s tweets definitely generate some interesting content:


This is a fantastic tweet.

So give it a try yourself – it’s the best way to tweet when all else has failed.