The best fusion of the unexpected

Flashing arrow

Recently I was driving along at night and I approached some roadworks. There was a big flashing arrow telling me to get into the correct lane and not go headlong into the roadworks.

As with most flashing things, it flashed at a constant rate as if controlled by a metronome. Suddenly, I realised the light was flashing in time with the music I was listening to on the radio.

It was great.

For those brief few metres from realisation to passing the giant flashing arrow, it was like I was at a gig whilst driving. The lights were hypnotising and I felt at one with the music and the giant flashing arrow.

It improved that part of my journey significantly and made the pain of enduring another set of roadworks on the M1 all the more bearable.

I love it when two, seemingly unrelated things meld together to become one even better creation. It’s like the Spice Girls song. Or marriage. Whichever of those two you find more romantic.

It happens often when I’m listening to music whilst walking – the beat of my feet meet the beat of the song – and it makes me really happy. I begin to walk with purpose, as if nothing in the world could stop me.

This is reminiscent of another game I like to play called, “will it fit?” Which involves taking two or more objects and trying to place one object inside another.

Child's gameIt’s similar to the game you play as a one year old, trying to force the circle into the triangle hole, but a free-running version.

There’s nothing more satisfying when things fit together so perfectly.

In fact, because it is so great, there’s a tumblr dedicated to it. Here are a few of my favourites:

Fit perfectly - orange and avocado

Fit perfectly - mattress and door 1

Fit perfectly - mattress and door  Fit perfectly - pasta and spoon 1

Fit perfectly - pasta and spoonThese just make me so happy.

The quote on the front page of the tumblr sums it up perfectly:

“Seeing totally unrelated objects perfectly nestle inside of each other provides a certain kind of peace in an otherwise chaotic world.”