The best you’re going to get today…

I just wrote what might be the worst blog post ever. I murdered it.

Really, it was terrible. It didn’t have a point, it didn’t really make sense and there wasn’t any reason you should read it.

I don’t have time to write you another, so I’ve decided to give you just the highlights.

But let me reaffirm that the highlights are of a very low quality – it really was a bad post.

Also they don’t make sense because I’ve deleted so much and not explained anything.

This is the best you’re going to get today, folks…

If you’re super smart or a mind reader you can treat this like a murder mystery. Have a guess what it was originally about:

The best (rest of title deleted)


It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the huge weight of problems in the world. If you were to put all the issues in a rucksack – that would suggest to me that you own a very large rucksack. That’s not entirely relevant though.


I could give you links to all this stuff but you guys only click on the ones that say things like “hey check out this duckling that is friends with a baby owl



Look how smug this alarm clock looks



This joke is pretty fun but it’s not actually very useful



Rub your belly


So, dear reader of Best Things, that is all that remains of probably the worst blog post I’ve ever done.

Maybe by dismantling it I’ve made it more precious in your eyes. Now it’s like something time team dug up.

In it’s incompleteness you can imagine that it might have been great.

Did you guess the title?