The best way to be endearing


As some of you may know, the Winter Olympics has finally come to an end. It finished on Sunday with the last gold medal being awarded for the men’s ice hockey – importantly, this was given to Canada, but I don’t want to harp on about that (YEAH!).

Many people have congratulated Russia on the smooth running of the games despite having warmer than Spain temperatures and slushy snow, everything else went off without a hitch. Well…almost.

In the opening ceremony there was a technical malfunction: the Olympic rings started off as snowflakes and then were due to unfold and spread out, forming the Olympic logo. Unfortunately, one of the rings didn’t open and the internet began to laugh:



It was generally pretty funny and slightly embarrassing for Russia, but not the end of the world. I think the rings actually look quite cool this way.

But the response from Russia was truly fantastic:

Closing ceremonies are the usual routine for bringing the games to a close and the Sochi games were no exception, there was a big spectacle with lights and dancing and fireworks (my description is deliberately vague because I didn’t actually watch this, but I guess it was along those lines). It was amazing (maybe)!

Within one of the big dances, there were five groups of dancers who danced away and then spread out to form the Olympic rings – mirroring the opening ceremony – which they did to an absolute tee. In fact, they committed to reflecting the opening ceremony so much that the fifth ring failed to open once again.

Closing ceremony rings

Here Russia was saying: “Haha, we make mistakes too and we know it – wasn’t it really funny?!”

And it freakin’ was!

I love a bit of self-deprecation and not taking yourself too seriously. It’s important that you can laugh at yourself because you are bound to do stupid things, no matter how hard you try. And if you’re convinced you don’t do stupid things then you’re either deluded or you don’t do enough stuff.

It’s fun to laugh with others rather than being laughed at. They’ll feel better for doing silly things in the future and you’ll feel better because laughing is better than wallowing in self-pity.

The other evening I was out on the town, searching ardently for an open McDonald’s or Burger King but to no avail. The one Burger King I did find had big windows on the front of it, glass from top to bottom.

As I was trying to console myself that Burger King was shut, a stranger, also with a need for a burger, walked straight into the glass – leading with her face. It looked painful but it was also immensely comical. It was a You’ve Been Framed moment right before my eyes.

I hope that lady laughed at herself afterwards (if she remembered it) because it was hilarious, and, if she had, at least there would be a funny and endearing story to tell her friends about how she got the bruises on her face.