The best thing to buy from far eastern supermarkets

Oriental supermarket
In most cities there seems to be a Far East supermarket or store which sells an array of exotic items.
Some of the items are wonderfully different, things you would never consider buying e.g. lobster crackers (like prawn crackers but with extra fancy lobster), or branded versions of things we currently get here e.g. noodles.
Lobster cracker
They are always fascinating places to explore but, unless you know what you’re doing, it’s pretty unlikely that you’ll buy anything other than for novelty value.
Not only are some of the products intriguing, the names of some of them are brilliant, for instance you can get a drink named Pocari Sweat:
Pocari sweat
This is meant to be a sports drink and so the ‘Sweat’ refers to how the drink replaces the nutrients etc. lost when exercising. It’s kind of funny though…
Although the spirit of adventure in these stores is fun, the very best thing is that they almost always sell Root Beer.
A&W root beer
For those of you that don’t know, Root Beer is a fizzy drink which looks like coke and tastes creamy, caramel-y and like medicine – it’s delicious! It’s not a drink commonly sold on the shelves of the UK supermarkets but is something of a staple in North America. If it was missing from the soda choices, the UK equivalent would be if there was no Fanta option – ludicrous!
As a kid I originally thought it tasted disgusting, then I thought it was OK and then I liked it. However, because it’s not readily available to me now, it’s been raised to heavenly proportions – its rarity has improved its flavour and I love it!
Few, if any, understand my love for it because most try it and pull a face complaining that it is sickly sweet. To me, it tastes of nostalgia, it tastes of my childhood, it tastes of home.
So whenever I get the chance to visit a Far Eastern store, I always make sure I scout them out for Root Beer. Why they stock Root Beer, I have no idea, I guess it must be popular over there, I sure am glad they do though!