The best way to get people to understand you

This guy knows some stuff about emotions...

This guy knows some stuff about emotions…

Feelings are complicated things. People ask “How are you?” and most of the time they expect an answer in less than a sentence-worth of dialogue. But you might be feeling a whole manner of complicated things.

Really you just have a few options. Choose from: fine thanks, I’ve been better, or pretty good how about you? Anything more extreme will be at least a bit frowned upon.

So we need a new system – one that explains the complexities of our emotions but takes away the awkwardness of admitting that you have actual feelings.

And for that we need to pay attention to the first law of the internet:

Whatever emotion you may be feeling, there will be at least one animal that has perfectly expressed this emotion in an animated GIF.

That’s the first and primary law of the internet and I’m therefore suggesting that whenever someone asks how are you? What’s up? or how’s it going? You get to answer with an animal GIF – one that really shows how you’re feeling.

But maybe you’re too intellectual for this – that’s a strong possibility with this blog actually. But take a look below and see if you identify with any of these lovable animal faces. It might just help you communicate that feeling you thought no one would understand.

Here’s a few of my favourite options out of the thousands available…

1. I’m feeling like a dog with a firework – I’ve got all this power but no idea what I should be doing with it


That’s a truly amazing scene, but does it describe how you’re feeling today?

2. I feel like I’m pulling my best ever moves but no one is really impressed.


You just did that thing you spent ages practising. Things have gone exactly to plan… apart from no one cares.

3. I feel like I just don’t recognise myself any more

mirror monkey

Like seriously – who is that guy in the mirror?

4. I’ve had it with all your rules – I’ll do whatever I want

pug bathroom destruction

Have you been shackled by the man for too long? It’s time for some release…

5. I am the greatest person to ever have been and it’s time to victory dance

funky bird dance

Do you feel that groove? That’s what some serious victory does to you.

And there’s just enough time for my personal favourite:

6. I feel like what I want is right in front of me – I just can’t get to it

tortoise tomato

I could watch this little guy all day. He wants that tomato so bad.

Well I hope that’s helped you connect with your emotions. Next time words just aren’t enough – send your buddy a link to the animal GIF that captures what you’re thinking the best. That’s the best way to be understood.

Happy double post Friday everybody!