The best way to stop all this flooding


In the UK all the news is about the weather. If we’re being more specific, it’s about the rain. And if we delve into even deeper realms of specificity – it’s about the rain that falls on the ground and congregates in large groups.

Sometimes we call these groups puddles, but when they get extra large they join with rivers and lakes and we call them floods. It’s pretty basic stuff.


This picture is probably insulting your intelligence right now

But that’s the UK news at the minute. The rain is raining and things are flooding. Everyone can all agree that the weather is bad.

Buzzfeed pointed out quite brilliantly that all politicians can do to help is stare at the rising waters and show some empathy. Their policies aren’t as good as sandbags, it seems.


Ed Milliband clearly has the best stare. His face has seen some serious stuff.

Partly because people have been suffering from these floods and partly because I’m a bit tired of hearing about all the wet weather – I’ve done some research and found the best solution.

Unfortunately on Best Things we tend to stay away from practical advice and instead go straight for the answer that entertains us the most.

In light of that, the best way to stop all this flooding is simple. We need these guys:


The BBC are currently suggesting that beavers could help with our water problems. They’ve written an article (the BBC not the beavers) discussing the finer points of this theory.

The basic idea is that we reintroduce beavers to England (they’re already in Scotland). They then build dams up stream and slow the water down. That keeps some of the rain in the uplands – far away from your living rooms.

Derek Gow, a farmer from Devon is particularly excited by this idea:

Beavers are nature’s water managers. They re-install the sponges in the landscape.

I don’t really care whether Derek is 100% right. I’m already in love with the idea. I like that beavers build dams because sometimes I build dams. I put rocks in streams and make little pools of water. That’s a classic way to have fun.

Me and these water-loving creatures have a lot of synergy.

And I really want this guy as my new water manager:


He’s just got a trustworthy face – one that says “I know things about water”

That’s your best thing for the day, folks. I hope it’s filled you with hope that we can hold back the floods and have a bit of fun at the same time. Beavers won’t do much against this unparalleled natural crisis thing we’re in though. That does sound bad.