The best school building

School bus

There was a brief period where I took a yellow school bus to school – it always felt very satisfying when I reached my destination

School finished a long time ago for me now – it’s been over 5 years since I left and went into the big wide world.

One thing I remember was that my school had a massive refurbishment whilst I was there and built lots of new stuff. The new buildings were pretty cool and every room had a Smartboard which was never properly calibrated.

The beginning of every lesson would be the predictable and seemingly never-ending game of press the corners on the Smartboard to make sure you could write on it. Despite our efforts, you would still need to put the pen in the bottom left corner to write in the top right. That helped my education significantly.

But my school wasn’t the only one who decided it needed some new stuff. Another school in York thought it would be a good idea to gradually build more new stuff and then, BAM!, knock it all down and raise up an entirely new school.

Similarly, another school was built up on a plot of land and then all the pupils were relocated from the old school to this incredibly nice new school.

Needless to say, this constant improving and updating of school buildings has taught me that the quality of a school does not depend on its teachers, but on the super coolness of its buildings.

And that’s probably why the below school received a ‘Good’ score by Ofsted:

PowerPoint Presentation

It looks incredible! And it’s by the side of Regent’s Canal which is not something to be sniffed at.

To be honest, I’m not sure how it could become an ‘Outstanding’ school – it would probably need to be afloat or under Regent’s Canal.

I really hope the kid’s who go here appreciate their surroundings and the insane school building they have. Look at all that cool glass and that massive curve. They’re in the heart (kind of) of London and being taught in something which looks like a cross section of a boat, the architect really hit the mark with this one!

My hope is that any naughty kids are thrown into the canal or sent to sit in a Portkabin because being sent out of the classroom with that view wouldn’t be so bad.

If I had to guess though, I expect the pupils would still drudge to school, dragging their heels because they begin the day with double French. No building which looks like it was carved from a giant tree and then covered in glass could convince them otherwise…