The 3 best things I found within a mile of my desk


Me and Steve once went to this place. It sort of lived up to it’s name but now it’s closed so I guess the fun is dead.

I work in an industrial estate. I have a normal desk job but all around me are industrial sorts driving forklift trucks and eating different types of meat and bread combinations. The place is built for warehouses and machines.

So when I go for a walk at lunchtime – well it’s not exactly a trip to fun land. That doesn’t mean that there’s nothing to see though.

With my mind set on reporter mode I found a whole host of surprises all within a mile of my desk.

These are the three best:

1. Irony


It’s a special valentines fun fair. Maybe they will put roses on the barbed wire…


I walk past this a lot but I didn’t appreciate it fully until I took a picture. It really gets me feeling romantic.


2. Tree planting

If an area needs rejuvenating, why not plant some trees? That will solve all the problems… because trees produce oxygen and stuff.

I guess that was the thought process in the council meetings, unfortunately things didn’t turn out as imagined.



The two things supporting the tree are better trees than the actual tree.


Damn tree thieves – they’re always one step ahead.


A special type of horizontal tree. Or maybe a stick wearing two belts.

It’s the sort of project that would get a gold star for effort but take home an F-grade at the end of the day. And that’s the worst type of failure.

Still a good find on a walk around the block.

3. ‘Water’

This was the most interesting thing I found. It’s also the most disturbing…

Prepare yourself.


Delicious Highland Spring Water – more yellow than expected

Yeah, that’s pretty much a bottle of urine – just lying there in the middle of the path. We really know how to take litter to the next level here.

It was actually this bottle of urine that inspired me to write this post.

Sometimes Best Things are actually not very desirable at all. Sometimes they are just a little bit noteworthy.

Well Steve – how are you going to follow that? Surely there’s nothing better than a mystery bottle of urine.

Of course it could be cider or something but I hope you can forgive me for not wanting to go too near it.