The best picture of you – do you recognise it?


This is a cool picture… but it’s not you (unless this is a huge coincidence)

What do you look like?

And when I say ‘you’ I don’t mean the singular you that can be found in the mirror. I mean the whole bunch of you. All of you people that read this blog. What do you look like?

Well I’ve found the answer because I’ve got a picture of you.

And it’s come at the right time as well. As it’s the end of award season – it’s a good time to do some self reflection. And you’re probably all asking yourself  ‘Why didn’t I win an award?’

The answer is because you’re terrible at life.

I’m just kidding about that. You’re actually not terrible at life. We’ve been reading your work for a full week now and there’s too many good things to even talk about. The words aren’t enough. So, in light of that, the talking will stop and we’ll do something else.

I’ve created a picture of you.

It’s a representation of all our followers – made from snippets of all your blogs. Even if you don’t have a blog of your own – this is a pretty good representation of our readership. So it will be like looking in a shared mirror – like when the ceiling of a restaurant is made of mirror tiles.

If you’re a blogger that follows us you can play a sort of Where’s Wally game – but your blog is Wally. Find it in this massive collage all the blogs. Everyone is in there – we think.

If you’re just a beloved reader – maybe just use this as a chance to get to speculate about the quality of other people’s blogs when taken out of context.

Feel free to judge them harshly – if you’re that sort of guy.

Here it is:


Click for a more detailed view of our readership robot

I think I’m going to call this form of data representation a Vomitgraph because I’ve spewed lots of content at you – and it looks nothing like it’s original form.

But I’ve got two questions for you:

  1. Do you recognise any of these blogs? (Did you find your own one?)
  2. As a reader of this blog, what part of the giant robot would you want to be?

Let us know in the comments.

Personally, if the robot ever managed to get a sword – I’d be interested in being part of that. We’re looking for someone to be the part of the right eye.Mysteriously, our readership robot doesn’t have one yet.

We’re back to Best Things in their more common format next week – but we sure hope that you feel appreciated as readers, fellow bloggers and people who are just here because they got lost on the internet. You are all super welcome on this site.

If you’re not feeling appreciated though – you need to sort yourself out. Seriously. We’ve given you some love and you should feel good about that.

Happy double-post Friday everyone!