The best blog photo plus super awesome other ones

Our blog awards are nearing an end. We’ve had highs and lows, tension and release, and we’ve reached the penultimate award: The best photo.

I do love a bit of photography. Not the ‘taking pictures’ part. More the ‘looking at pictures’ part.

To me, a good photo makes me want to be where the photo was taken, even if the place isn’t actually that nice. It brings out the beauty in the ugly and the amazing-ness in the beauty. A good photo makes a scene more impressive than if you were actually there.

I also like photos of animals because they’re quite funny.

You’ll see both of these traits in the winner and the photos I’ve given an honourable mention to.

After going through our faithful followers photos, there has been some stiff competition and I’m really not sure if I’ve chosen the best, but I made a jolly good effort!

So, without further ado, the winner of the best photo (and best general photography) goes to Photo avant-garde with this lovely photo of two trees:

Best photo 1


Their blog is a collection of photographers and there is a range of amazing photos, helping you to see things in a different light. Another of my favourites is below:

Best photo 5

As is always important, there are a number of honourable mentions because it certainly wasn’t a one horse race.

The first HM goes to Live simply, travel lightly, love passionately and don’t forget to breathe (a bit of a mouthful), for this brilliant shot of a camel’s snout. It’s like I’m there.

Best photo 4

Next HM goes to Project Light to Life who went on a visit to a Butterfly farm and this rock was found along the way. I love a good pun and it’s important to photographically document each pun you see. This one was great.

Best photo 3

The final HM goes to nasibuphotography for their portrayal of a curious chick. There are few better photos than curious animal photos. Come to think of it, curious is probably one of my favourite emotions.

Best photo 2

Congratulations to all who have won awards this week! You did a great job!