The best story behind the blog award

Over the seven months we’ve existed, we’ve collected a fair amount of followers. Maybe not loads but definitely some. Many of these are writing blogs of their own. We figured that within that group there must be at least a few people with cool stories.

Today’s award is designed to celebrate the best of these stories. We’re not looking for the blogger that produces the highest quality stuff – we just want to find one with a really interesting tale.

And I’ve found a winner. The best ‘story behind the blog’ that I’ve found. It’s from a blogger who I think is called Sezza. I’m not sure because it’s difficult to tell and Sezza doesn’t sound like a proper name… This is her site and you only need to look at the colour scheme to see that it’s not the sort of thing that me and Steve would normally read. It’s very… well see for yourself.

But Sezza has some good content and she churns out an impressive number of words. We particularly like her fondness of misheard lyrics:



Actually John Bon… Mr Jovi… our clothing levels do make a big difference

But where’s this story that won her this prize? Well Sezza has had her difficult moments some of which she’s shared in the last year. She didn’t get through any of the rounds in X factor, she got rejected from big brother twice and she’s made loads of fashion choices which she now sort of regrets. The emo-fairy stage sounds great to me though.

She even wrote a post about getting through hard times. So it’s safe to assume she’s seen at least some difficulties.

But her story has recently took a positive turn. She’s got a new job and it sounds cool. After years of working this boring old job, followed by a couple of months temping in a post office, well she’s hit the jackpot of sorts.

She’s now an outdoor activities instructor so she gets to teach kids archery, zipwire, fencing – all sorts of fun things. And here’s how she describes the accommodation:

the building we staying in is like a mansion, and guess what it has a DANCE studio yes!!! My face lit up when I saw that and we have our own swimming pool :).

You can work out two things from this short quote:

  1. She pretty much writes like Steve – all smiley faces, exclamation marks and plenty of words like ‘wicked’.
  2. She seems really very pleased about this new job.

And it’s for that second reason that she wins the best story prize. No one else seems quite as enthusiastic about their life as Sezza is. So we’re celebrating with her.

Happy Thursday everybody. I hope it’s filled with Sezza-like enthusiasm!!!!! 🙂 Wicked!