The best blog intro… and a few near misses

On Best Things we care a lot about intros. In fact some of our posts amount to little more than a beginning. A quick paragraph, a cool video and a sweet line to end it – then you’re done. That’s our classic lazy post.

But we do work hard on our opening lines and we like to see our followers and fellow bloggers doing the same. I’m going to announce the winner of the best intro of the year award but first I’ll show you some of the runners up – the ones that didn’t quite make it…

If it was just about a great title, this would be my winner (from Daily (w)rite)


It’s a big question and a possible next single for Ylvis

It’s an amazing title and you can find out an answer of sorts by reading it yourself.

If this award was just about passion then Max Muscles would win hands down. This is and intense way to start a blog – I just wanted to warn you. So that…you know… you would be warned.


There is no ambiguity in this all – which is sort of refreshing…

On Best Things we often add too many layers into our openings, maybe  we stick a bit of misdirection in or find a hidden meaning that’s not really there. MaxMuscles doesn’t do that – and we like him for it.

It’s a really clear opening. We know he likes girls, we know girls like muscles, and therefore we know that he is 100% committed to having mega muscles. It’s direct and we’re totally there with him. Though I don’t think we’ll start using a red typeface TO EMPHASISE OUR POINTS

The winner of today’s award

Well it’s going to something a little more subtle. One of the real highlights in the lovable group that is our wordpress followers.

FeistyCamping havewritten some great blogs – not always mind blowing but always useful

But there’s something about this intro that gets me really interested. And it helps that I didn’t expect to be when I read the title. It sounded boring actually but the first paragraph followed by a picture that says it all – well that was enough to win it for me.


I love things that turn my phone into other things!

Congratulations FeistyCamping – you are a winner. Send us an email with an address on it if you want your ‘better than nothing’ prize!

We wanted to show with this award that a good intro doesn’t need to be flashy. In fact the understated opener really made me more impressed by that gadget.

These guys actually don’t really care for the wind measuring device that sits on your phone – but they sure made me excited about it.

They seem secure in their style and generally their reason for existing. They always give good camping tips and that security comes across in this intro. they had me at ‘hit the trail’.

I guess it probably helps that I love having little bits of knowledge that other people don’t. It makes me feel less like I’ll be chucked out of the doomed hot-air balloon that we call life.

You can’t throw me out of the balloon because who else will be able to measure the speed of the wind?

That’s my main line of defence.

We’re enjoying this chance to read a whole bunch of your work. Sure some of your stuff is a bit weird but then again I did once write about killing kittens… we all have our off days!