Blog awards: The best ‘About Me’ section

the best trophy

It’s likely no-one will receive a similar trophy to this but it’s a nice visual representation of what pride and adoration looks like

Today, we kick off the blog awards – a week long joyous occasion of celebration and congratulation of fellow blog writers.

And to start, the first award is for the blog with the best ‘About Me’ section. This makes sense because it’s the first thing you should do as soon as you start reading a blog – how do you know if you can trust what you read unless you can trust those who’ve written it?

Experience tells me that I don’t normally work like that, for instance, if I read a news article then I don’t need to know who the reporter is to believe the story. But what if the reporter was Kim Jong Un telling me about the success of North Korea at the World Cup? Then I’d probably be pretty worried.

Anyway, enough of my wittering, let’s get on with the award.

Drrrrrruummmmmmmmmmmmmm rooooooolllllllllllllllllllllll…And the winner is:


Cardesire about me page

The contest was hotly contested by many contestants but I felt this was head and shoulders above the rest in terms of our key criteria: how quickly I could read the About Me section, how interesting it was and how well it conveyed their passion for the blog.

This About Me section (or at least the first paragraph) was a very speedy read, there was a picture of a super interesting car and he comes across as incredibly enthusiastic. Good job!

Now you should all go read his blog.

An honourable mention goes to the following writer:

Brandon Mouton

Brandon About Me

Probably the epitome of enthusiasm in an About Me section. The particular use of the phrase ‘Fired up’ won me over – I need to use that more in my life.