The best way to impress me

It's difficult to impress a lady wearing a dead cat

It’s difficult to impress a lady wearing a dead cat

It’s awards season here on Best Things soon so you better start figuring out how to impress us.

I for one am easily impressed – but only by certain things. I think that sort of makes me difficult to impress…

moustache bath brush

I know that sometimes I can be dismissive of presents because I don’t know if l like them or not. I initially think “Why would I need a moustache-shaped washing device?” But then give me 5 minutes with it so I can pretend that it’s my real moustache and it will be mine forever. You wouldn’t be able to buy it off me for less than double cost price (£2).

I know that you guys are excellent detectives. So let me show you 3 things I’m impressed by and I’ll let you do the work for once… You’re all so lazy normally!

1. Really bad linguistic skills

I looked at our spam comments – the ones that don’t make it past the filter – and I thought this was genius:


I’m glad we provided what this person was seeking for…

Whenever I find something good I’m definitely going to shout ‘Wow, what a stuff!’ That’s just how it’s going to be now. It’s my new favourite phrase and it works so well for Best Things.

2. Bears that can do tricks

I don’t need to say anything more about this. Just watch and be amazed.

3. Things with life in them

I don’t like to hate on things. This blog is supposed to be the opposite of that. But when I see a blog where someone just reblogs things seemingly at random  – well then I have to leave otherwise the hating starts. They are lifeless things.

The opposite of that is when I can see someones personality shine through. It doesn’t need to be the best writing, it doesn’t need to be flashy. I just want to see that it was written by a human.

I’m not going to give you any examples right now – because that’s what next week is about (and we’ve already found some great ones).

We’re going to have a blast looking at the best of your work and celebrating the personalities behind the words.

To win a category you just have to  be weird linguistically, teach a bear to play an instrument and show a bit of life in your work. Or maybe you could just try and impress Steve instead…

It’s not too late to get involved in the Best Things Awards – all you have to do is follow us on WordPress and we’ll find your work. If you can’t do that then send us a link by email and we’ll check it out.

We’re looking forward to it!