The best way to package products


I would definitely buy this product because of the packaging – it’s genius

Whenever I buy something, I’m always pleased to see when it’s packaged into a ball shape.

I’ve always loved throwing things. Even as a kid I would pick up toys and just throw them – not out of anger but just for the love of throwing. This trait has really stayed with me and I can spend ages at the seaside chucking rocks into the water.

And so, when something is packed like a ball, it always brings me joy because it’s so much easier to throw. Examples of this are a ball of string:

Ball of string

A rubber band ball:

Rubber band ball

I tried to do this once but the bands kept snapping and denting my car

An egg yolk – I do love a bit of natural packaging:


Or an apple:


I always think I look suave as I throw my apple up down before I eat it, I do have a small habit of dropping it though…

I throw them upwards to myself, I throw them around a room, I throw them to/at other people and I forget what their original purpose was.

It’s definitely the best way to package a product because I’m more likely to buy it, particularly if someone throws it to me in the shop.

What shapes of packaging do you like? And what does that say about you?