The Best Things awards – you can be a winner


Are you the best? Did you do something really good? You’ll find out shortly…

Humans, prepare to be judged! – is how I would start this post if I was some sort of alien overlord. I’m not though but it’s too late to change anything so you’ll have to stick with it as an opener.

I’m pretty excited today for two main reasons:

  1. I’m wearing some cool new shoes.
  2. It’s award season and we’re joining in the fun

But we’re not celebrating movie stars, the people who arrested Justin Bieber or even animals that are bad at jumping – we’re celebrating you.

Specifically, we’re celebrating our followers who have blogs of their own. We want to give you a little bit of love, a sprinkling of publicity and a mighty great thumbs up for doing good work.

Me and Steve will trawl through all your work from the year and pick our favourites – the best ones. We’ll spend a week sharing the best stuff we find. Our awards week kicks off on Monday 3rd February – don’t miss it.

Let me explain, using subtitles.

The Categories

There will be six awards up for grabs and they fall under the following categories:

– The best intro to a blog – we’ll scrutinise your opening words and find the best, most bold, most funny intro.

The best caption – a picture is better with words underneath it. We’re going to celebrate the art of the caption.

The best photograph – we’ll look at your pictures (the ones you’ve taken) and pick the best one – simple. You don’t even need to be a blogger for this one if you’re really keen.

The best alternative – we’re looking for someone to go against the trend. To do something a bit weird but in sort of a good way.

The best bloggerIn this category we will celebrate the efforts of the humble blogger. We want to find a good story.

The best blog postThis is the one to win. The big one. We’re going to find the best blog post of the year and we’re going to have a party about it.

In each award, we’ll go through a few runners up and then announce the winner. We’ll rave about your work to all our followers – that’s the plan anyway.

How to enter

Well the simplest answer is to follow us using wordpress. We’ll then look through your stuff to try and find the best of the best. We’re looking forward to reading your work.

If you don’t have wordpress then you have to get a bit more creative – like us on Facebook then send an email to so we know to include you in our lists.

If you want to enter just one category – say you took an amazing photo – just send us an email and we’ll include it in the mix. Entries close after Saturday 1st February.

How to improve your chances

Get in touch! Use the above email, spam us on twitter – send us links to stuff and we’ll give it a read. Film yourself doing an excellent acceptance speech maybe but only if you’re super keen.

The truth is we’re just two guys who aren’t really that good at giving out awards or researching. But we do want to read your stuff – so help us out a bit and point us in the right direction.

This is just us wanting to appreciate your work and create a bit of buzz about good blogging. So get involved.

What do I win?

Well you’ll be the star of one of our blog posts – we’ll do our best to get you lots of clicks and followers. We’ll also give you a bunch of compliments that will make you secretly leap for joy.

But if you do win and you send us an address – we’ll arrange a small token of your achievement to be sent your way.

We’re pretty good at sending out prizes – though sometimes they break pretty easy.

So I hope that’s clear enough. We’ll talk a bit more about it before we start announcing.

I’m excited, I’m pumped, I’m ready to rumble. I’m lots of things really.