The best game you’ll never win

GQ dinosaur

I must say, this GQ dinosaur is looking pretty fly…

Earlier today the BBC had a great article about website Easter Eggs. If you don’t know what an Easter Egg is then type ‘do a barrel roll’ into Google and it’ll give you an idea of what I mean.

I won’t bore you by repeating the article (although you should totally check it out because some of the Easter Eggs are amazing), but it indirectly brought up a game I could play. I went down the rabbit warren of the internet, clicking on link after link, and I ended up on the Wikipedia page of Google Easter Eggs.

Google love a good Easter Egg and one which caught my eye was that Google can work out the ‘bacon number’ of any actor. The ‘bacon number’ is the number of degrees of separation from a chosen actor to Kevin Bacon, linking them only through films and other actors.

For example, the ‘bacon number’ for Matt Damon is 2: Matt Damon is in Good Will Hunting with Casey Affleck, and Casey Affleck is in Lemon Sky with Kevin Bacon. There are 2 films which link them.

The real game, however, is to get the highest ‘bacon number’ possible, which is much harder than you think.

I spent a long time trying to think of obscure actors and typing in their bacon number. It always came back as 2.

Eventually, I lost my rag and decided to go crazy. I put in a singer instead! Norah Jones, surely you’ve not been in any films to tie you to Kevin Bacon. Oh, your number is 2.

What this game has taught me is that Kevin Bacon was a very promiscuous actor. Also, the pool from which Hollywood draws it’s actors is relatively small.

My highest score has since been 3 and I shouted very excitedly when I got that. It was one of my wins for the day. Not an absolute or a social win, but a self win.

You should try this out and let me know if you can beat my ‘bacon number’ with a film actor/actress, living or dead. James Blunt doesn’t count. He’s only 3 anyway.