The best restaurant which makes your money go further

Januray person

This is January as a person – I can feel the anguish

January can be a tough month. It’s a bit cold, there’s not much to look forward to, every Monday is the most depressing day of the year (Jon was totally right about that – I’ve also heard it every Monday!) and the last payday was a long time ago.

It seems a lot of companies like to pay employees early in December so that they have money to buy Christmas presents and plenty of fancy ham for Christmas Day (we had Parma ham). But it means that the January pay day is just a speck on the horizon which will probably never come. In fact, it’s best not to look at it in case it’s a mirage.

Money mirage

The giant pile of money may look tempting but don’t be fooled, there’s quicksand around it

Hence, in this post-recession, money squeezing world, it’s important to save our pennies when we can. Obviously, the easy answer would be to cut back on spendings and experiences but that would be less fun. Instead, it would be great if we could do what we’ve always done but in a sneakier way.

I’m here to tell you how to maximise your spend when you’re going out for a meal with friends, and it’s all about the restaurant which you choose. Sure you could go on one of those enormously helpful money saving websites and get a voucher for Pizza Express like last week, or you could go to a new restaurant, Five Guys.

Five guys outside

Five Guys is an American chain restaurant which basically just sells burgers, fries and hot dogs. From the outside it looks like a tacky, fake American diner. From the inside it looks like a tacky, fake American diner. From the menu it looks like a tacky, fake American diner. From the food it looks like HEAVEN!

The food in this place is absolutely amazing! The burgers are renowned and come with every topping imaginable. You are given a double burger as standard and they’re massively filling. The chips are hand-cut and fresh – I’d make sure you go for the Cajun ones – and the portion sizes are immense.

Five guys fries

This crazy person decided to go for large fries. They are a braver person than I.

The key thing in all of this is price. Well, if you want to buy a meal (burger, chips and drink) it’ll probably cost about £12-14 which isn’t very cheap, so I would avoid that.

However, one amazing thing about Five Guys is that they give out peanuts for free! You just get a little tray, fill it up, eat some peanuts and repeat. Needless to say, you do actually need to buy something to make use of the peanuts and this is where the drink comes in.

Five Guys has a machine, some might call it a magic machine, which dispenses over 100 flavours of drinks! Ever wanted to try Raspberry Coke or Peach Fanta? Wait no longer! You can get them both at Five Guys.

Five guys drinks machine

I sure am glad there’s a button for water! They’ve thought of everything!

But a myriad of drinks flavours wouldn’t be complete without the beauty of free refills. You can spend hours there, filling and refilling the cup you purchased for a measly £2.50. And that’s all you need to spend!

Try all the combinations. Try all the flavours. Eat lots of peanuts. Go to the toilet. Eat some more peanuts. Drink some Cherry Vanilla Coke mixed with Powerade. Grab the leftover Cajun fries from the table next to you. Worry about the amount of sugar you’re ingesting. Have a jolly good time!