The best way to be the master of all knowledge


This is what a failed attempt to gain knowledge looks like…

Have you ever tried to eat paper? I have a friend who does it as a sort of nervous habit. Sometimes we catch him chomping down on the Styrofoam takeaway box – long after the burger has disappeared. He’d happily have a little nibble of his notes during a lecture…

The reason I say all this is because thanks to this here blog post, you don’t have to swallow a dictionary or take a bite out of an encyclopedia to feel like a knowledgeable person.

I’ve found the best website – one that really makes me feel powerful because of all the things it helps me know.

It’s called Plane Finder and it’s much better than it sounds.


Look at all the planes! Feast on this delicious knowledge.

Initially you might be underwhelmed. When I first saw it I thought “That’s quite good – not amazing though.”

But how wrong I was. Essentially it’s a site which plots where all the planes are in the sky and changes with real time updates.

You can find a specific plane or just browse at your leisure. It will tell you the flight number and usually the exact route. It tells you altitude and speed as well – for those who are into stats or imagining things that are high up in the air.

If you like games that involve numbers (like cricket, tennis, or top trumps) I think you’ll love it. Try finding the fastest plane, the highest plane or – my personal favourite – a plane that is travelling to my nearest airport. The further away you find it, the more points you get.


This little plane was about to land at my local… genuinely exciting!

Here’s the link again and I’ll leave you to find out what you like about it. Don’t keep it to yourself though – especially if you find something really fun…

I think it makes for a very relaxing screensaver. It’s fun to see where all the planes are going and it’s calming to think that none of this is my responsibility. The planes will keep on flying above my head without me doing anything at all.

Stare at it and explore for a few minutes as an amazing break from work. It’s really good, folks, so go and devour it!

Every Monday in January, someone has told me that this is the most depressing day of the year. That means I’ve had three of them in 2014 already!

That’s why I need best things like Plane Finder in my life. Because now I know that there are over 10,000 planes in the sky right now. I’m a total master of knowledge and I’m feeling good.


They even have some helicopters – amazing!