The best place to see animal photos

Sometimes it’s easy to forget how amazing the world is.

It has so many unique and exciting things in it, particularly animals. They are cool, mysterious and can be downright weird.

The best place to be reminded of these facts is at the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition which is shown in the Natural History museum in London at the small price of £12 (£6 if you’re a student).

After a while it moves around the country for the small price of free. Although I think it’s a slightly reduced selection when it’s free, but it might be coming to a town near you and you should definitely see it!

The pictures are a mixture of funny, beautiful and absolutely amazing. They range from a lion cub interested in a camera:

Lion cub

To the most terrifying crocodilian scene you’ll ever see:


And through to the absolutely crazy alpine ibex, which really makes you ask the question, “HOW?!”:


You really, really need to see this exhibition. There are so many other gems like these. It’s so good that I could only bring myself to infringe the copyright of three of them.

If you’re currently thinking that you would much prefer to see the entire exhibition from the comfort of your own sofa then check out the official website here. It actually has a lot of the photos on the website. I don’t think there are any missing. Now I’m wondering why I paid…