The best way to get noticed

Crying baby

This baby auditioned for the role as John McClane in Die Hard but unfortunately he was turned down. They liked the vest though… 

When I was a kid I never threw tantrums. Crying, shouting and screaming didn’t really make sense to me.

I guess I was pretty lucky because my parents paid attention to me, but, unfortunately, the world isn’t made up of my parents. Sometimes people ignore me when I need them not to. Sometimes people ignore me when they feel there are better things to do. Sometimes I ignore people because they’re acting like a chimp.

Whatever the reason, it’s a common trait in life and is particularly bad in the world of work. For instance, you may need to get a piece of work checked by your boss, or you may need to know vital information from your client but both would prefer to corral your email into the ‘later’ paddock, more commonly known as the ‘unimportant and if I close my eyes long enough it’ll disappear’ paddock

So how do you get people to notice you other than throwing a glass against the wall, screaming at the top of your voice and sending them a second, strongly worded email with URGENT in the subject line and a passive-aggressive picture of a clock?


The alarm clock definitely highlights the sense of urgency

Make direct contact with them. It sounds so simple but I often forget about it.

Just pick a phone and have a chat. Talk about their day, plans for the weekend, what they thought of Steve and Jon’s best blog last night, and then hit them with the harsh truth: “HEY! Why didn’t you get back to me on the colour of my subtitle on the first slide?! Should it be Purple or Cyan?! I NEED TO KNOW!”

They will respect you afterwards, guaranteed.

And if you’re feeling particularly brave, then pluck up the courage and go see them in the face. In general, it’s pretty easy to ignore a phone call, but only a real jerk would have the audacity to ignore you in person. In fact, if they do ignore you when you’re stood right in front of them, you should applaud them on their rampant destruction of politeness and social conventions.

But, the point is: it works. Persistence and annoyance work.

Happy Double Post Friday! Just so you know, don’t try and email me today, I’ll probably be busy…