The best Facebook ad to never click on


Buy this product… because the fictional elephant can ride a surf board really well

I don’t normally pay much attention to Facebook adverts. They’re in my peripheral vision – which is a place I never really venture to.

Sometimes they pop up on my main feed with suggestions like “Turn your fans into customers.” which seems weird to me. Fans are better than customers, right?

They’re sort of more enthusiastic and I like that.

But once I’ve ignored that suggestion – my eyes flicker to a box on the far right.

And what greets me there is something that I’ve never seen before:


This is what happens when a human breeds with an inflatable chair…

It seriously looks like someone has photoshopped a big butt where this man’s chest should be. I would half expect a normal sized person to be in there somewhere, controlling that body with a series of levers and buttons.

And of course the answer to the question posed is that yes – this should be banned. It makes people look ridiculous.

There’s another terrible picture that comes up from time to time – guiding me to the same site.


Well done buddy – you’re looking super lumpy…

What strikes me is that he has really large armpit muscles. I’ve never really seen those before and certainly I don’t have any of them…

You just need one little look and it becomes pretty clear that these adverts are disturbing and should never be clicked on.

But at the same time they’ve got a weird sort of alluring quality that makes them a best thing… The world is a funny old place.

Does anyone else get these weird adverts or is it just me?

Maybe Facebook thinks I secretly want to build some mega muscle… It’s odd though because I’ve never searched for protein shakes or how to kiss my biceps properly…

Maybe all my friends are super buff and Facebook knows that soon I’ll get a complex. It’s just a matter of time…