The best way to reminisce


Today and tomorrow I am near the edge of the country, in Penzance in Cornwall on fieldwork. It means I’ll spend most of my day in a Sainsbury’s and I’ll do my best to make sure I don’t see any of the lovely English coastline.

The other thing it means that I am sat in a hotel room on my own with not much to do, so I’ve started to flick through the photos of me on Facebook. Now this may sound a little bit narcissistic and I’ll admit that it goes a bit too far when I think, “someone looks fit there!”, but it does mean that every photo I look at I definitely experienced.

The photos conjure up memories and these memories produce smiles, mainly because I have done some frankly ridiculous things and look pretty stupid a lot of the time, but also because I remember the amazing times I’ve spent with friends.

Say what you will about Facebook but it does provide a useful service by collating nearly all of the photos taken of me and putting them in one place – I appreciate this.

I’ve browsed and below is a collection of some of my favourite photos from the past year – props if you’re in one!

Me with lemur

I had an intense discussion with a lemur or two

Me with speed daters

I had my first experience of speed dating and the back of my head ended up on the BBC website

Me jumping

I jumped freakin’ well!

Me at a fire

I showed pure joy at seeing friends and having a bonfire

Me as a gargoyle

I showed the gargoyles at Notre Dame how to really do it

Me at Mumford

I stood, I danced, I got thirsty, I shouted, I listened, I discovered the best whistler, I met with new friends, I met with old friends, I had beer thrown over me, I had cider in me, I got massively sunburnt and I had a great mini-festival

Me up a mountain

I chilled by the 2nd largest canyon but ensured I still looked really cool

This really is a fun endeavour when you’re feeling lonely and a good wake up call to go out and do more, to beat your previous self and create even more awesome memories. Because surely a picture with an M&M in front of your face can’t be the pinnacle of your experiences…

Me as an M&M

“The apocalypse is nigh” ~ Caroline Leach in M&M World