The best way to remember


This isn’t the best way to remember stuff… but it’s a good idea for a cheap fancy dress costume.

Some things are best forgotten. Like facts about shoelaces, names of capital cities and anything to do with Sudokus. My brain is just too small to waste space on that stuff.

The plastic bit at the end of a shoelace is known as an aglet.

That is one truly terrible fact.

Other things – well they need to be remembered. Like wedding anniversaries, MOTs, names of friends and how to cross roads safely.

But one problem we have as a species is that we forget more than we remember. And half the time the little we do remember – well we get it wrong.

I often end up the hero in my memories when actually I just watched it happen. Someone else had the good idea, came up with the winning play or owned that thing which was really cool.

Incorrect memories are the cause of loads of arguments. Loads.

But the very best way to remember things is the one we save for some of the most important things. The ones that we should never forget.


Sometimes war memorials are just average and can be easily missed. But this one, in a little village called Church Stretton, took me by surprise.

It’s well cared for, it’s surrounded by hills and trees and it’s secluded enough so that you just have to take a moment. You have to stop.

It was a beautiful place and it made me remember what these guys were fighting to save.

Monuments, crosses, memorials work so well because they don’t fade as fast as memories. And you can visit them whenever you like.

But let me tell you, this isn’t a blog post about a nifty way of remembering things really.

Because yesterday we got our first viewer from Syria and I didn’t want them to think that all we did was stand around and talk about the best microwave function (spoiler: it’s the defrost setting)

I just wanted to show you all a picture of a war memorial that really had an impact on me. So that people dealing with the effects of war would know that we care about them. Even if it’s not the 11th of November right now.