The best quest into my untidy personality

As I sit in my room, on my computer, pondering what new insight I can bring to the blog, I’m struck by my sheer messiness.

photo (12)

The glowing blue light is my laptop. It gives my room the aura of mystery…

I am an untidy person.

Now, if you’ve ever lived with me, visited my home or spent an hour with me, this probably isn’t a shocking realisation. I’ve been this way for years and I don’t foresee myself changing any time soon.

I like to accumulate useless objects which have a modicum of sentimental value or things I could see being useful in the future, like my friend’s homemade luggage tags. He left them at my house over two months ago, I can’t see when I would use them, I don’t need luggage tags, but one day, for some reason, they’ll come in handy.

In reality, I should throw a lot of stuff away. Maybe I should give it away. But I should remove it.

One thing I’m amazed by every time I return to my parent’s house is that my room there looks lived in; it looks cluttered with enough objects to be significantly inhabited despite no-one living there for nearly two years now.

I have so much ‘stuff’! It’s really a bit gruesome. Part of my explanation is that I throw nothing away. A quick scan around my room reveals bedding I’ve had for over 6 years, trousers I’ve had for over 7 years and a jumper I’ve probably had for about 10 years! I think I got it when I was 14!

photo (13)

This is so old it has nearly come full circle in terms of fashion

So I thought about why I’m an untidy person? What does it say about me? I became the test subject in a very small sample size to draw over-arching conclusions about messy people, using a decidedly amateur psychologists brain. And what better starting point for an amateur psychologist than Google?!

One website I found gave me a whole load of waffle about Fs and Ps which was probably interesting and had a valid point but not particularly engaging. After this I gave up (I have a very short attention span sometimes) and did a self-examination. Here are my succinct and probably wildly inaccurate findings about myself:

Being an untidy person means that I am…

  • More willing to bear with other untidy people and a general household untidiness
  • Relaxed in the face of chaos
  • Open to new possibilities and ideas
  • Possibly going to die in the ‘Great Useless Stuff Avalanche’ of 2014
  • Easy going
  • Disorganised
  • Distracted easily from monotonous tasks which bore me
  • Likely to put off things which aren’t extremely important to do other activities I prefer
  • More likely to lose my keys…I’ve got no idea where they are half the time
  • Rate tidiness as unimportant in myself (interestingly, I think I value it and like it in my friends – I find it a bit awkward visiting an untidy person’s house – this is probably the most surprising finding in this self-exploration)
  • Care less about material objects and stuff than I do about experiences and time spent with friends
  • Believe people won’t judge me as a person based on my multi-colour, messy room but on the content of my character

Have a go for yourself at trying to get to the route cause to some of your behaviour.

Ask yourself the questions: Why do I struggle to talk to people at parties? Why am I surprised when someone doesn’t like olives? What does it say that I am a tidy person? Why did I buy that piece of clothing I really didn’t need? What are you looking at? What am I really working for? Am I living to work or working to live? Which one is better? What did I learn from the regrets I have in life?

I don’t think my exploration was particularly deep, but you might surprise yourself with what you find.