The best body-image role model for young ladies

Young ladies everywhere – pay attention!

After years of staring at tall, skinny and slightly scary-looking women in magazines there is something new. After decades of ill-proportioned manikins and Barbies, the change we’ve been waiting for has finally arrived.

Are you getting the picture yet?

Society has been calling out for a new image of beauty. A bodacious, curvaceous woman that  we can all respect. A figure that women everywhere can aspire to be like. That’s the sort of thing we’re after, right?

Well when there’s a problem like that, Best Things is here to answer. Always.

So fasten your seat belts and behold, the fantastic, the alluring, the beautiful, the altogether appealing, Lady of The North:


There she is – 1.5 million tonnes worth of beauty

This is a girl that knows what’s up. She doesn’t worry that she’s 100ft tall (this is her lying-down height). She’s not concerned that she weighs over 1 million tonnes. She just chills in her favourite pose – attracting visitors and attention from all corners of the globe.

And when I say corners of the globe I really mean some parts of North East England…

You can find out everything you need to know about her on this website. But I’ll give you my reasons why she’s the best role model for young ladies of all shapes and sizes.


1. She believes in equality – spending time with people from all walks of life


2. She knows how to look good in a photograph – without flaunting anything.


3. She’s well into charity work – this is her sporting a red nose for comic relief last year.


4. She makes it difficult for people to leer at her because you’re never sure which mound corresponds with which body part… She won’t be objectified in that way.

She’s shatters our expectations of what a female role model can be like. The bar has truly been raised.

And if you ever find yourself visiting the Lady of the North, I would recommend the view from her right breast (if you can work out where that is). On a clear day you can see for miles.

The one question that remains is – What’s her relationship status with the Angel of the North?


Will they? Won’t they? …All we know is that the angel gives exceptionally good hugs.