The best thing about the South coast mentality

Grim up north

This picture makes me die a little inside

A quick realisation once you descend further than Watford Gap is that many hold the belief  that it is “grim up North”.

No matter how many weather reports people see with only a 1 or 2 degree difference between the North and the South, they still believe there is a heat barrier somewhere half way up the country. As if there’s a massive wall, level with Birmingham, staring at the warm fronts and shouting “you shall not pass!”


Said Gandalf to that pesky Southern warm weather

Now this might be a hyperbole but you can definitely tell people who live on the South coast think they are in the tropics. How do I know this? Well, nearly every town, city and hamlet on the South coast is littered with palm trees!

Palm trees brighton

Reeeeaaaal warm Brighton. Reeeeeaaal appropriate.

I love this!

It’s a mixture of naivety, optimism, delusions and good gardening. I often associate palm trees with a beach in Mauritius or the Bahamas where I drink cocktails out of coconuts, not Bournemouth!

Mauritius palm tree

This is how a palm tree looks in Mauritius. Spot the difference…

It makes people believe the South coast is a place of warmth, friendliness and carefree times. And you know what? It works! It makes the place seem so much hotter and so much more impressive.

I can’t imagine anyone putting a palm tree in their garden in Hull – others would frown and see it as a ridiculous venture. But, due to their widespread use on the South coast, it’s not odd and it’s not frowned upon. It’s just what you do down there.

So if you live in Southampton, Brighton or Bognor Regis, make sure you get yourself a palm tree and remember: you live in the tropics with your palm trees and coconuts whilst the Northeners freeze.

Frozen northener

Classic frozen northener